The Powell Creek solar project, through its PILOT agreement and along with other community stakeholders, will help our village build a new sanitary sewer system. This system is critical to the future development and growth of our community.

Jim Erford

Mayor, Miller City, Ohio

These solar developments will be a powerful and transformational economic engine for Ohio, stimulating growth and opportunity with smart, homegrown energy made by and for Ohioans.

Susan Munroe

Chambers for Innovation and Clean Energy

Renewable energy is a key ingredient in Ohio’s economy. But as important as it is today, market forces will make it an even bigger part of our future. Northwest Ohio is home to our nation’s solar leader and we look forward to the tremendous growth of this industry right here in Ohio.

Brian Dicken

Vice President of Advocacy and Strategic Initiatives, Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce

Solar energy is just another form of farming. This diversification in our operation assures steady income year after year while our agricultural crops are impacted by weather, market forces, trade and so many other unpredictable events. Solar helps to protect my family, my farm and the future for our kids and grandkids.

Mike Pullins

Farmer and landowner in Champaign County