Solar power is brightening our economy and creating significant opportunity for our state’s rural residents.

Ohio shines when it comes to sun-powered energy. Our state is exceptionally qualified to develop utility-scale solar farms to meet the energy demands of Ohio businesses and benefit our communities, our schools and rural landowners. Solar demand will be a powerful and transformational economic engine for Ohio, stimulating growth and opportunity with clean, healthy, homegrown energy made by, and for, Ohioans.

Benefits of Utility-Scale Solar for Ohio

Good for Our Economy

These projects will be a major shot in the arm for Ohio and its rural areas. Solar projects will generate a massive infusion of revenues to their communities to support schools and critical services.

Good for Ohio Jobs

Solar farms will create thousands of good-paying jobs and support Ohio’s manufacturing industry.  Many of the components are made in Ohio. We’re proud of Ohio products and want to keep our money in Ohio.

Good for Farmers

 Solar projects can help ensure that some farms remain farms. They are lucrative for landowners and farmers who often face uncertainty and commodity fluctuations. For neighbors, solar is easily screened from view.

Good for the Environment

Solar power contributes to cleaner, healthier air for everyone. Who isn’t for cleaner air?